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tv   Donald Trump Jr. and Others at Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 2, 2019 3:31am-4:00am EST

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unhinged than anything we have seen. but there is also the good news. if we turn commonsense conservatives out, we can win. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, ted cruz. thank you very much. [applause] >> and now, live from our cpac stage at liberty university, please welcome from liberty university jerry falwell jr., and from the trump organization, donald trump jr. >> i have a great song. you just won't believe it. college kids probably think it is great, but i spent the last three years perfecting it. he got this band. i really think it is going to become the replacement for lee ringwood's "god bless the usa."
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thank you, zachary. we are proud of you. proud of you. [applause] all right. we have with us donald trump jr., trump organization executive vice president. charlie kirk, who you heard from before, founder of turning point usa. and now i am going to throw to a video about donald trump jr. [laughter] >> in business, i was trained by my father to make the tough investment today to ensure a brighter future tomorrow. a --e most basic as aspect thing the first. the second, protect that. that seems to be at risk. ♪ [applause]
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>> failed to mention the two most important people on the panel. my wife, becky, and kimberly guilfoyle, vice chairwoman of america first policies and america first pac, also a prosecutor. i am a recovering lawyer too and she has many other credits. but welcome, kimberly guilfoyle. >> thank you, pleasure to be here. >> got to debate the audience tonight. >> that's right. you want to have a seat? >> i was doing an interview this morning, and i had a reporter ask me how colleges and universities, mainstream universities, have become so intolerant of conservative viewpoints and students who are conservatives, they ridicule them in the classroom, single
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them out. a reporter asked, what is the impact of that on our society, where universities are disinvited conservative speakers and they are just teaching just one side of every issue? i said what it does with our society is manned up with politicians like alexandria -- we end up with politicians like alexandria ocasio cortez who have only been taught one side. who, every time she opens her mouth i think she is kidding but she is serious. and she actually said this week that people your age should reconsider having children because of global warming. i was sitting there thinking people their age should reconsider having children if people like you are going to be in charge of the country. [applause] but that is how i feel about all these new socialists in the democratic party, crazy green new deal stuff.
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got any thoughts on that? >> when i read about the green new deal and what is worse about the concept is a cost of $93 trillion. we don't talk about that is anything big but that is four times the national debt, literally 14 times what the u.s. government takes in in revenue on an annual basis. if you spend nothing on anything else other than trying to achieve the green new deal the u.s. could put all of its money towards that for 14 years. it is nonsensical. what is perhaps worst about it is every mainstream leading democratic socialist candidate for the presidency of the united states is buying into this saying it is a great investment. it is wonderful. this will pay for itself especially the part about the people who don't want to work, we will take care of them too because it is just insanity and
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it goes to show you that no one here making trillion dollar decisions and no one on that side has any understanding of finance, of what goes into making money, they are just preaching some sort of leftist crazy theory and it doesn't work, it has failed over and over again but this time it is going to be different, this time it is going to be different. $6500 per household, every household in the united states for ten years. i think it is 650. over ten years. a lot of families don't make $65,000. it is unbelievable to me. it is good though. that is the direction democrats are going, that is going to make it pretty easy in 2020. >> i come from new york city, not exactly a bastian. i am surprised. not exactly a bastian of conservative thought and there
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was a time, grow up with enough people from the other side, able to engage and have conversations and throughout my life i would have been able to put the shoe on the other foot, take in the more liberal stance and argued it against a conservative and done so reasonably effectively. i can't do that anymore. if the last week probably hasn't shown us that more than anything, whether it is green new deal or frankly post term abortion issue, this isn't, anywhere else in the world at any other point in time in history what the governor of this very state said was called murder. that is not -- this isn't woman's healthcare. if the baby is born it is alive the woman is no longer at risk. a major part of the counterargument is totally off the table. it is about control. when i see them doing this and
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jumping the shark and taking an extreme point and just blowing that out of the water and going that far left i think with the other side has done, they took 2016 and said you know what we really screwed up? it wasn't the we had the most unlikable candidate perhaps in the history of the world, we need to be much further left and have to go as crazy as possible because that is where america is and they are not. >> as a mother you and i are both moms and i'm a grandmother. what did you think of what the governor said? did you imagine anybody doing that to your child? >> it is reprehensible and you saw we called for him to leave office and resign. i'm shocked he hasn't. he has completely reckless in terms of his disregard for the sanctity of life. i thought my life as a prosecutor and prosecuting crimes that were committed against children and against women and in particular homicide cases where as a woman who was pregnant at the time and killed in vehicles you would get two
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counts of homicide. how is it when a child is actually born, someone could take a life, that is murder, that is flat-out, that is what the democrats want, that is the choice you have on election day, that one issue could be so defining in terms of who you choose and to you stand for and your father, donald trump, has been the biggest supporter of pro-life and religious liberty and freedom and god bless him because he has exceeded all the expectations. and phenomenal supreme court pick that will make sure the sanctity of life is preserved, protected and we see it now with two additions he made with neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. >> they care more about animals and animal rights than children rights. and where does that leave?
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>> because cows fart. that was a serious point in the green new deal. >> we got to stop that. where does that lead when you are willing to murder a baby, what about if your parent or grandparent gets old and they become a pain and the burden. where do you draw the line on it? flat-out murder. >> completely immoral and for the fox news channel i did a documentary on a trial that happened in philadelphia and he was a butcher, he was brought to justice, i sat in the courtroom and watched what was happening here and the cases he took on that were the same as the democrats are supporting which was murder of children, innocent babies and it is reprehensible
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to think that in this country there are people that could even advocate for that type of thing, it is something we have to take a stand on and support and protect these children, they are innocent, they deserve our passion and our protection and we must fight for their ability to live. >> explain why that issue hits home for us recently. >> that is what i said. three weeks ago tomorrow we had our second granddaughter and like i said a few weeks ago, her name is reagan, how presidential . >> i love it for trump but it was too soon. >> trump is not the feminine name but we should make it -- >> take a page out of the liberal playbook, it doesn't matter. we can identify how we want. >> she is a daughter, she is our granddaughter and we are raising her as a girl.
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we are not letting her have a choice. >> outrage tomorrow that you decided for her. >> god makes the choice what the babies are going to be and god decided she would be a girl. >> you don't have to raise them as a girl, she has a little baby doll in her arm every second and my boys always have guns in their hands. that is not something you teach them. that is something they are born with. as far as the cows you mention i 100. let alexandria cortez show up to take my cows away. >> i love cows, they are delicious. >> charlie, you have to share the mic. tell us what you think will happen with the mueller investigation and what is going to happen after that? what will be the fallout? >> the mueller investigation is
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a taxpayer-funded revenge campaign against this president who won a historical election they didn't expect. that is all this is. if this was about russian interference in our election, he would be looking into hillary clinton selling our uranium to russia in extend for speaking fees for her and bill clinton, half $1 million in speaking fees, she's not that good a speaker, you don't get $500,000 from the russian bank because you are hillary clinton. you do that for a pay to play scheme. how do we go after the president, and because we are angry, and we are surprised by it.
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andrew wiseman is running this investigation, total roaming authority. should have ended a long time ago but there was no collusion. a complete and total lie. it will backfire on them tremendously and publicly and i can tell you from my own personal opinion i don't understand how it is possible that we have this almost two year investigation around something that started as a rumor mill which was within our own government a coup against a sitting president of the united states that andrew mccabe admitted to and yet we have on the record corruption of previous administration never investigated, from one primary example, sitting attorney general, loretta lynch that met with former president bill clinton in a private plane in arizona two days before hillary clinton was acquitted of all charges by then fbi director jim comey. what was that on a private plane?
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what was exchanged? was a quid pro quo? why was in their special investigation into a sitting attorney general talking to a former president of the united states when his wife was running for the presidency? that was never discussed. instead this revenge campaign. it should be and immediately. there is no collusion, not going to find anything and they are going to pay a political price in 2020. >> when the investigation is over i believe the administration will have the freedom to declassify documents that expose what the other side did to exonerate hillary and unfairly go after your father. at least i hope that happens. >> as do i. put it all out there. put it all out there. don't reject anything. if i'm even a subject of this thing and one of the initial catalysts, they would do anything and it is because they needed it to be true. it wasn't -- they needed to
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explain -- not our policies are failed, our candidate is terrible, no personality but it was her turn, they needed to explain donald trump. it wasn't lost on me the great irony of 2016, took a brash billionaire from new york city to actually be able to reach working-class america, to speak to them, not at them, not lecture them. but to have a conversation and they got it and realize this was a guy that was going to fight for them. if you look at the first two years of his presidency, promises made promises kept agenda, tax reform couldn't get done, done. israel, never going to happen, despite the fact that it passed the senate 99-0 because one guy called in sick that day, done. he is showing the world what he says he is going to do it means business. we've got now respect back from it.
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people are not missing -- it is why despite even this week in north korea, it is why after 60 years he is the only guy that has actually made any kind of progress in north korea and i have woken up for two years listening to pundits. we call them experts because the columns of that but in reality their life's work has been working on north korea and they say this, wait a minute, your life's work was north korea. how many times have you met with them? we haven't gotten the meeting. how many times have your teammates met with them? that hasn't happened. you spend 40, 260 years doing this is your life's work and accomplished exactly 0. i always joke i'm watching tv in the morning with my daughter chloe who is 4 and unlike all these liberals who pretend their 4-year-old is asking about the threat of nuclear proliferation chloe is a 4-year-old and wasn't asking about those things, you know as much, you have accomplished as much as that expert on tv and she looked at me confused, not knowing what i'm talking about but the fact she doesn't know what she's
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talking about means she knows exactly what these, quote, experts have said. [applause] donald trump comes in and rather than doing the old sort of einstein's definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, he changed the game, pushed hard, did things and guess what. we haven't had a nuclear test in a year and a half. we haven't seen test missiles flying over japan. we are in a room. we've got prisoners back. we've got the remains of our korean war veterans back. all these experts that no so -- that know so much. the party of dependents, we need people to the be dependent on them for their existence to continue. sanctions in return for lots of
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promises from the north koreans and promises wouldn't be kept. >> sometimes you have to walk away. that is what people don't understand. you want to sign a bad deal means nothing? that is what obama did. obama was great at signing bad deals that meant nothing or were terrible for the united states but it doesn't matter because when you have 90% of media coverage and do anything to make you a hero, you don't have to make good deals.
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we may good deals with 93% negative coverage but the results are speaking for themselves. all-time low female unemployment, all-time low african-american unemployment, all-time low hispanic unemployment, goes against the narrative. you would think with all those things, all-time high stock market, energy exploration, net exporter for the first time in history, all these things. >> gdp. >> there is not a single economic metric, not one where we are not better off today than under failed president obama. it doesn't exist. i've done that in a relocated and they won. they can't do it but they don't want to give credit where credit is due because they spent a lot of time making sure their establishment clicks are locked in place. >> i couldn't agree more and i have to believe if president obama had gone to north korea and been there in the summit and at the same time the republicans had called the convicted felon to testify before congress about
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obama everybody would be screaming that is treason. you are working against the united states chance for peace with a nuclear power. we did not hear anybody yelling. >> i was pretty vocal on social media for those who like my twitter feed. think about even in opposition party that hates the president so much that you would counter program nuclear peace talks with a convicted criminal one of whose many convictions was lying to congress. think about what that does when the other side is seeing that going on simultaneously. you are going to have a good negotiation with that going on in the background, that is the reality. the left hates donald trump much more than they love america.
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they would rather see failed nuclear peace talks then give donald trump even a little bit of a win. he has already had more wins than anyone since the end of the korean war. >> no wall even though they voted for it. >> the hypocrisy never ends. when the media is your water boy it makes it easier to get away with it because they don't call him out on it. i have done it whether it is bad or censorship through social media platforms that i am sure all of you as religious conservatives have seen and witnessed with your own eyes, when they take down my tweets it was an accident so i call you out on it and it is spanning behavior. people getting unfollowed, the hypocrisy never ends and we have to call it out. >> there is a fake facebook page called jerry for america. we tried to get facebook to take it down. they won't. >> it complete their narrative so they will leave it up, milk it as long as possible like the media.
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even when you are wrong they will put the headline out, even the headline is there and 33 days later after the damage is done, after their 50,000 tweets there's a little retraction in the back of page 32 of the print magazine no one is reading anymore. >> what you were saying was true in the state of the union address too. everything which was one of the greatest speeches by any president i have ever heard and it was incredible and what he was announcing, what he has accomplished, the left couldn't even stand up or clap for it. their hate for trump, for donald trump is stronger than their love for the country. what he has accomplished is absolutely amazing. anybody should get applauded and get a standing ovation for what he has accomplished. even with the women and the women sat there with hands under their legs and female employment is higher than ever. >> we would agree the all-time
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low african-american appointment is a great thing but the congressional black caucus can't acknowledge that. you would think that is a big part of their job and what they campaign on but what donald trump does, it is a disaster, same with women, same with hispanics, whatever it may be. if barack obama accomplished one 10th of what donald trump is done for those minority groups they would crown him emperor for life. we had a failed president, all over those metrics were negative frankly, where a disaster, and it is like he can do no wrong. the greatest joke of the midterm cycle was obama trying to claim credit for the economy because we all know insane taxation policies, hyper regulation, all these things, that is going to turn out, the stupidest statement in the history of both politics and economics and it
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was but again, the media, of course it is obama. we cut 22 regulations for every new one in place. we actually got tax reform done. people invest in themselves, their companies, their businesses. that is what is doing this. why every consumer confidence metric is being broken not because of insane oppressive socialist policies. >> the trump economy. >> you can claim whatever you want, no problem, give it to them because it hurts trump. that is a problem but you were right when you said it, they are overplaying their hand for taking it so far, it is so extreme that real hard-working americans, people i spend time with in the middle of the country are like this is insanity. they are not going to chime in, they don't participate in a lot of the polls, they are not willing to necessarily engage that way but they see it. >> it hit home for liberty
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university. we have a lake on the backside of campus, 6 acres, one of the largest 30 acres for a while, couldn't do it under obama with the epa, your dad comes in, going under construction soon. little things like that. that is for you guys, that is for you guys. we have to come back and go fishing. you mentioned the radicalization of the democratic party pushed many former democrats back towards the conservative side. i have seen that when i was in college in the 80s, democrats, liberals would say i might not agree with you but i will die for your right to say whatever you want to say. now they are authoritarian. they don't want to let conservative people speak, and did you make the same transition to the right? do you still disagree about stuff? >> i've been a registered
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republican since i was 18 years of age. >> probably more conservative than me. >> that is a fact. this is what i love. i feel we are in such an incredible place in american political history thanks to the leadership of donald trump and we saw what ronald reagan was able to accomplish, why your granddaughter is named after reagan and you see this real enthusiasm, optimism in america because these conservative principles work because the president and republicans like we have on the stage know that we need to be responsible, fiscally responsible with your tax dollars so that we can make sure the next generation is left in a better position than when we started and that is what is so important. the president gets that, he wants to do the best and rise up for all americans and i love that. as a puerto rican woman, hispanic and 6.1% native american indian, you like that?
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>> what percentage? >> 6.1% native american. >> about 1000% more than elizabeth warren. >> that worked out well for him. >> my great great grandmother was a cold-blooded cherokee but i never used it to get this job. >> i believe in equality of opportunity but not a result, working hard, putting hard work in and trying to better yourself about personal responsibly. that is why i stand for this president, he stands for all of us, he doesn't want any americans left behind. he wants us all to be in a better place. now americans have families that nobody paid attention to before. they have more discretionary spending and money to put in their pockets, to put their kids in afterschool programs and take care of themselves and have the
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health care they need. that thanks to your father and our great president. >> we are sending the feedback to cpac in washington so thank you for staying with us. i want to show a clip of the video you heard a minute ago, 30 seconds long but you were touring solo. -- cheering so loud. [applause] how are you all doing? high noon at cpac doesn't get much better than this. yes, ma'am. thank you for this kind invitation to one of washington and the world's most interesting and important annual forum. the question post today to the distinguished panel is going to come on right after me.


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